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Persistence is the key

Here’s an interesting thing to think about--If you had the kind of money that the Ambanis have, who w
Persistence is the key
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Here’s an interesting thing to think about–If you had the kind of money that the Ambanis have, who would you call to perform at a wedding in your family?
Tricky question, right? Would be pretty tough to get someone bigger than Beyonce as well. She’s arguably one of the greatest artists of all time, after all. But whoever you call, it would be quite amazing to have an international artist perform at your wedding.
The Ambanis have managed to reach that grandiose stage and kudos to them. They are, of course, on a completely different plane compared to the rest of us. But that doesn’t mean that we, the great middle class, can’t learn from them.
No one amasses the kind of wealth that the Ambanis have without being persistent. And that’s the most important thing to learn from them.
All of us might not have businesses as they do, but we also put in our best efforts to create wealth. We do that by investing our money. We spend some of what we earn and save & invest some. Investing helps us plan ahead and build wealth for our long-term goals.
But that works out only if we are persistent. Especially in times like these when the stock markets are going from one upheaval to another. It’s difficult to have faith in equities when the markets keep crashing frequently. But the fact remains that equity is the best asset class to build wealth over the long-term.
Hence, the ideal way to take the best advantage of investing in equities is by staying persistent:
  • Don’t stop your SIPs because the markets are volatile
  • Focus on your goals and continue investing for the long-term
  • Diversify your investments to ride out the volatility
This is basically the only thing that you need to do. Persist with your investments and think long-term.
You might not get Beyonce to perform at your child’s wedding, but you can still have a grand sangeet with yourself as the star performer, if you invest systematically for it. It’s the performance that matters, after all.

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Click on the image to learn about All Weather Investing
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