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Money 101 💰

Teacher's Day brings back fond memories of school. Even the strictest of the teachers would be in a g
Money 101 💰
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Teacher’s Day brings back fond memories of school. Even the strictest of the teachers would be in a good mood, free samosas were distributed, and it was overall a pleasant affair for all us students.
I didn’t realise it back then, but I was very lucky to have a great set of teachers who taught, influenced, supported, and shaped me. In school as well as in college. They nurtured my confidence & helped me chase my dreams.
But if there’s one thing I wish I had learnt at school or college, it is the practical side of money & personal finance.
How saving helps? Why is investing important? What are the pros/cons of different investments? Do I need insurance? Is buying a home that important? Are credit cards a must-have or a must-avoid?
However, instead of being taught these matters, I learnt these along the way post college life - some out of interest, some out of drunken conversations with friends, and some from my own mistakes. Some teachings that I wish I had learnt sooner, and some that were given too early on for me to fully comprehend.
In fact, I’m still learning many such lessons & suspect will continue to always do so - but it certainly would’ve been helpful & timely to have received a tutorial on Money 101 in school or college.
So this Teacher’s Day, I’ve decided to reach out to 5 students/new-investors that I personally know and share my experiences & insights with them.
I’ll reach out to these 5 youngsters, including my 9-year-old nephew who’s newly excited about the concept of money, because talking about & learning from different experiences helped build my awareness & confidence with money matters. And hopefully it will help them achieve the same.
Each one of us has different experiences that others can learn from. And if you are reading this newsletter, you are either already investing or are interested in doing so. So here’s what you can do:
  1. If you’re already investing: reach out to 5 students or new investors that you know, and share your investing/money experiences with them. Help them understand, kickstart, or navigate their investing journey.
  2. If you’re interested but not yet invested: reach out to 5 people you know who invest in equities, and learn from their experiences. What is their investment style & portfolio like? Has it evolved over the years? What mistakes did they make? What were the key challenges they faced when they started investing?
Happy investing, teaching, and learning!
-Vikas Bardia
PS: in case you are wondering, the key insight I have for my younger-self is to start investing early, even if it’s a small amount - because that’s how compounding works, and because time lost can never be regained.

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“There is only one real teacher in the market and that is the market itself.”
smalltalk with Karthik Rangappa, Head of Varsity by Zerodha
smalltalk with Karthik Rangappa, Head of Varsity by Zerodha
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